Here you will find diffrent projects, most of which were done during studies.
Journeyman´s piece My journeyman´s piece consists of 4 qubes which can be folded away. I received an extra award for design
Bachelor daycare centre The bacholor thesis was to design a daycare centre with nursery in the town of Friedberg. The ground floor hosts the nursery school with 4 classes. The school children which arrive in the afternoon have their areas in the upper 1. floor. The roof area of the nursery can be used as play ground for the school children. The rooms of the school children also can be used for events.
Lenin Platform the final work of the scale model subject was to build the Lenin Platform based on the drafts of El Lissitzky
House in the forest Subject was to design a house made of wood in the forest. The building should host a cafeteria, workshops, exhibition, offices and a small hotel.

I chose a high rise building as it has the smallest footprint. The fasade reflects the vertical tree trunks. The high rise makes it possible to experience the forest in all levels with changing flora and fauna. The centre of the building hosts a greened atrium which is used for ventilation and cooling.
Urban planning railway station We had to plan a living and office spaces near Augsburg´s railway station. Parallel to the train tracks are the office buildings which shield noise from the living areas behind them.
Urban planning Landsberg We had to plan a residential area in Landsberg. A train track crosses the area in the middle and on both sides is a main road. The traffic planing should prevent people to take short cuts across the new residential area